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A New Start – Interface Improved


Many have known me, from my early days when I was running a Tandy 1000 rl with a screaming 2400 Baud Modem on a Shell Account with Redshift, much has changed in so many years as have I, which is why I decided to bring what was once seen and known through;

  • ( or one of the better known
  • (
  • Or many of the communities I was once very active in what seems a long time ago.

Lately I have been redirecting my focus on FOSS (Open Source) via via as I have been writing there as of late, because I have found through my focus of Open Source last month that I am far more interested in bringing that possibility to more people, to help Open Source Step it up to become the standard desktop, I have no doubt it will take some time but at least the process has begun.

Really this specific blog will eventually be transitioned back to ( amongst other things because I would rather support any and all Open Source options, such as those provided here at because to make a difference really each person needs to try and use almost completely – Open Source Initiatives to make a difference. To Not Follow Suit with MIT Going from Open Source to Proprietary ( which may of just begin a revertion of Open Source to Closed Source. So instead I choose because it is based on Open Source, as well as the fact that this specific format using WordPress is always up to date, though it could use more themes. They have done well for themselves as an Open Source Alternative, the hope is that it will continue as such.

That is generally a good introduction to who I am for those who don’t know me, I would be interested in hearing from you in the comments down below for now I wish you the best, and hope you make each day your best day ever.

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