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Remembering the Natural World ~ Despite the Media


What is the Truth? What has been forgotten?

What is the Truth? What has been forgotten?

It was the society we once were, not so long ago, so what happened you may wonder, the idea of progress a gentle dulling down of the senses, the convenience of the local store and the commercialization as a result. As time progressed local shops started focusing on how to make more money, to have multiple locations for your needs, eventually greed taking over thoughts, competing to be the biggest and best.

Ideas forgotten, ideals put aside, while maximizing profitability at whatever cost. Things changed from the friendly local store to a conglomerate, franchised commercial place, where the many Mom & Pop stores of past generations faded away as did they. Their replacement, big box stores, competing supermarkets all vying for your business whatever it may take. Places like Walmart, Costco and others, beginning a new trend, resulting in a different culture, this culture we live in today.

This culture, that we have now has long forgotten the simple things, instead choosing to only exist within technology, to let the ipod play, blasting out the ears, instead of taking the time to experience the natural sounds, the birds as they sing, the wind as it blows, rather then the constant noises of the city. The sirens, the constant ebb and flow of traffic, the stereos blasting and shaking up car windows. Never residing in Silence, that is so important in remembering there is a world outside of the their self imposed barriers. To instead be inundated with Sensory Overload, by people yelling about the latest and great new toy, that you cannot live without, at pricing that makes you want to buy right now on this day.

There is still a world outside and untapped, patiently residing in it’s instinctual flow. A natural world with natural sounds, experience and journeys to be had if only we would step away from the commercialized society of today, to hike a hill to camp out to return to nature. This world still exists it has not gone away, it is the hills, the lakes and the rivers that make up our ecosystem, that is all around us.

The place the Indians knew, where they raised their children, they hunted and foraged and lived off the land, this same land that today we take for granted. It is the place once called home, where their ancestors had lived and died following the most basic beliefs, in totem animals in being one with the land so the land would reward you with a bountiful crop in the next growing season. Their idea of abundance, a dance for rain, spirit quests for understanding. The same quests that even today can be taken by you or I, simply by taking the time out each day to reside in the silence to just be in this moment. The rite of passage opening the eyes to the potential within themselves to do something for the whole, for their tribe and for their family, to be self sufficient and thankful for the gifts that the universe offered them, without waste, every little bit of the gift given put back into the Universe to be given to another, paying it forward. These animals killed for shelter, clothing, food and all the basics that today we may take more for granted then we have done before. To be able to survive for so many years, for generation after generation a society that for some reason were labeled savages simply because they were not like You or I. They lived peacefully for many generations, yet for some reason it was thought these savages needed to be retrained, to be molded to become something they were not, more like You and I. When they did not willingly accept this false idea, they were destroyed, because they knew how to survive without these false systems thought to be held so highly in this day and age. False ideas, that are still preached, consequently resulting in a society controlled by debt and forced to grasp technology even if it is not at it’s true potential as long as we are leaving in a scarcity based society.

To forget about the integrated ability that we as people to be self sufficient, instead promoting dependence on the Government in a flawed economic system, to control our lives and to numb out the thoughts of true self sufficiency. Otherwise monetarily based, with scarcity as the word for the day. To limit vision, in an attempt to insure this continued dependence on a broken system that is coming to fruition with today’s economic downturn.

This trap has become much more apparent when you consider what we are dealing with now, as society as a whole international included is trying to find a way to release the bear claw to grasp some ear and to change it to make progressions instead of digression. It is necessary to look at the facts that we as people based on this flawed system cannot exist without money, even though the Indians had done it for many years over numerous generations.

Foreclosures at an all time high since we were told the American Dream requires that you own a home, in order to do that with this flawed system of course you need to get a loan and then the interest, will nearly insure there is little chance of escaping this vicious cycle that keeps us as prisoners to a Government Controlled verse. The American Dream, is it merely an illusion a means of control? The idea that somehow we were able to own land from a monetary exchange, which not surprisingly of course the Government owns the land, so you need to buy it from them. As they somehow can claim all the land and charge the citizens to own something that is not owned at all. How does one own land? How can a Government take land with no money down only to turn it around and sell it to you and me? Simply so you can get a piece of paper that says you are now the official owner, so go ahead and turn it around and do the same. Merely a paper that was once a tree, a legal document that someone made on a computer, yes the same computer more and more have at home. Even if we the Government never owned it in the first place, we hereby give it to you at such and such price. Once you pay suddenly you own a piece of land, that at anytime can be seized by the Government for “Official Purposes” and they will give you fair market value but you need to move on and out. Not to mention even before such a thing may occur you need to build it, and to build it, well … go and hire help, put all that nice money back into the Governments hands, and the process goes on and on, buying groceries paying the bills, all these basic expenses constantly wearing at the value of your home. All this for a piece of paper that says you own this land and somehow it was possible to transfer it, even if no one can own it in the first place. Yet we the consumers, follow the idea, of an American Dream to go and get married to buy the house with the picket fence, have kids and then die.

In closing we live in skewed society in this day and age, and often we have become results of the media uproar because we have spent more time at home or in the city then stepping outside, going for a walk, taking a bike ride, hiking or camping. We live in what has become a self imposed prison, as if we never step outside of the city you will never see the amazing things that reside beyond it. So why not make the change now, have a good talk with the Person in the Mirror, and reach a consensus and get started it is still possible to change, why don’t you?

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