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Reflections ~ Change Needed Now.

Doesn't that island look like a fish?

Doesn't that island look like a fish?

Stepping Outside my Comfort Zone To Grow … Easier Said then done …

Considering the fact that I tend to become to comfortable in the place I am in now, instead of stepping outside of what is comfortable to see and experience different things. With Agui up in Alaska I started remembering why I enjoyed working Temporary Work before, because there was always that flexibility once a job was done to go and do whatever I chose with the money I made. I have not done that in so long because those who are around me has been talking about other things, about other possibilities, about jobs and working a career even though I am not married and I do not need something that is a constant as I am only taking care of myself. As such, it would be good to experience work at different locations across the country in making the money to make the progress that is so necessary to grow through and become better through the challenges faced in live ever moving race from place to place.

In the end the story becomes a far better addition then what was known before, and in these different experiences, there is new views on life and living. So why not follow through and start looking at other jobs that are seasonal and I can work on for awhile then have a chance to enjoy some vacation time when it is all said and done. As a result, I need to start looking at the possibilities and finding some work across this United States to make the capital to invest in the business and to grow better because of it. To start requires me taking the steps to get it done to apply at the jobs that interest me and make sure I have the means to get it done whether it be by travel or by anything else. Bringing my bike along insures there will be transportation to and from wherever I am working at. Not to mention with that vehicle I can do most everything that can be done in a car even if a ride to town equates to 44 miles round trip. Whatever the story may be, the biggest thing that would make better sense is a Netbook or a Notebook, something that is more portable then a full out Desktop System. In fact it is quite possible to set it up to be accessed wherever I may be using Remote Desktop Protocol. Particularly on an Ubuntu based system it could work very well indeed.

So a new objective is to apply for jobs, and if I get one wherever it may be go and work it for awhile, then take a trip, or a bike tour or whatever I feel like doing at that time. Because really that is all that is needed, in it’s most simplest terms, you need the green paper to have something to work with, and to work in a beautiful place, to enjoy the camp, or the forest or what have you and make money besides seems like the near perfect circumstance, and as such that is the plan of action as it makes enough sense to follow through.

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