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Movies that Make You Think: Recommended and Reviewed.


V for Vendetta

Movie Review & Associated Information

To review and Relate this movie with both Religulous and Zeitgeist Movie as well as link up the articles so that they are all in one place.

To speak on depth of thought, to speak on the very honest truths of what could of been the future of this great nation of ours, V for Vendetta starts out in time where even this United States is in disarray, as a powerful dictator takes over Londan and Europe becoming it’s own Super Power, a distinctly separate place with it’s own flag and one person merely called the Chief Chancelor of his own super continent, becoming the media and the jury and the executor only speaking to select group of five who become his Chief Counselors.

While one man, scarred from years and years of torture and the result of a human experiment in a place called St. Mary’s, where the experiment resulted in many deaths, escapes after he blows up the building and walks away from the fire. To exact his revenge with his Vendetta, of only knives and deep words, as a rose his calling card makes it his objective to destroy this corrupt super power of the European Union.

Quite an introduction to a powerful story, brought to the Screen by the Wachowski Brother’s who’s screen credits read like a list of some of the greatest movies ever produced;

Well two out of four is not bad, the point being they have brought amazing things to the screen and as previous writers for Marvel Comics they had a tendency to bend to Fantasy and Fiction. Though they also have an inclination to challenge what could be, when you consider both The Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta, where each was fighting to make a difference in a world long corrupted by the powers that be and their instrument the media. Speaking to how many people and individuals can be controlled when glued to the television, Media Puppets. Who have the capacity to think for themselves but rather, just let the television tell them how to think.

As both The Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta speak to that, as to what can happen if we the people of this world stop thinking for ourselves, there is also two other films that speak to the same ideas of remembering it is possible to think for yourself;

    • The Zeitgeist Movie ( Speaking to a selectively ignorant society who has long forgotten the importance of thinking for themselves, to forget 1+1=2 and to only speak to the Bible and the Flag as the only absolute, a flawed idea of course.
    • Religulous; ( the Fact Based Study of control by other then ourselves and the end result of blind following of false ideas.

as true as it must be, to make the change we need, in this day and age to improve the future for the generations yet to be. The goal being to help others realize this same idea, that it is better to think with your mind not what the media tells you to use as your sources.

To rate this film would be an understatement as V for Vendetta was another movie I was so fortunate to find to help me open my mind up to the possibilities of times past, and how things could come about if nothing is done now. With Barack Obama ( in the Office there may be a good chance to make the change and yet others may tell you different, I would ask you to check their sources before you take what they say as fact.

In watching this film, I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics, the sound and the deep reflection of a strong mind, with a collection of books banned and rooms full of art that was once removed from this Society of this Movie in London, now a part of the European Union, a step in the wrong direction but that is a different article entirely. The story line kept me interested and wondering what could possibly be next in the scene yet to come, it also reminded me of Tango in some senses which I will write about another time.

Throughout piece by piece it became clear, and the movie did a fine job of filling you in when you most wanted to know, showing how people still know they can think for themselves if only they would step away from the electronic box, the television and experience life as it should be by living it. Once watched all the way through I am sure you will understand why I rated this fine film a 10/10, after you have watched it why not share your comments down below, I would be interested to learn what you thought of it after you have taken the time to watch.

Since watching this film is also a first step in understanding how we need to be the change I would suggest that you watch Religulous and Zeitgest Movie with it’s addendum as part 2 to keep the process going and make progress for you now and for the future you that may be find in your children in the next generation.

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  1. 2009/09/05 04:02

    I loved the film but find any movie that ends with a revolution unsatisfying, as i wrote


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