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Black And White – As An Interpretation.


Black And White

Human beings have the ability to see the Full Spectrum of Color but often there is Self Imposed Limitations on thoughts from to many years of training from the Generations Before who lived in a different Time Frame in a different Society Of Tradition. Today is a very different being.

I use the metaphor of Black and White because often we only see one of the Two Extremes of color not unlike the blinders on a horse. Yet the eyes have the ability to see a Full Spectrum of Color but it is the conscious mind and the self imposed limitations that we each put upon ourselves. Thinking that to Protect Self is to Close The Mind to the other possibilities for anything that may Challenge Ideas yet that becomes a Self Fulfilling Prophecy because if you never look beyond this Mono Chrome idea you never reach the point where you need to reach the Consensus with Person In The Mirror you live a Sheltered Life and never really do anything, never understand, or grasp the Change We Need and if you never start to Live Life Fully then it is not a life at all, so why limit yourself to a Monochrome World in your own Self Imposed life of a Simple Consumer who does not ever take the time to Understand the Situation or even plan for The Future. What kind of life is this why exist in a Mono Chromatic world?

Full Spectrum of Color

Instead of living in a Black And White world why not reach the Consensus with Person In The Mirror to Embrace Change to step away from being an Impulse Buyer and a Short Term Simple Consumer and become TheAwesomePerson you truly are, once you break from the old ideas, to become TheIconoclast in your own life, The person who is willing to make the Change We Need into The Future Understand the Situation and Enjoy the Day Fully through this clarity of thought the transition to Business Person with Long Term aspirations becomes much easier then it has been before.

Self Imposed

Things you yourself have chosen to take to heart to limit yourself whether as a result of a low self esteem or the want to belong to something for something…

Society Of Tradition

Self Imposed Limitation by Tradition for the better or the worst, instead it is necessary to make the change to make progress from the consensus with the Person in the Mirror to the future you have yet to experience.


In the simplest terms this means to understand and agree with the circumstance to make a ChoiceforChange to Redirect Thinking and to decide for yourself that is truly what you want.
Because really the final determination is with you and you alone, if you are willing to Make The Change or live a Black And White life letting Life Pass You By or instead taking the time to Embrace Change for The Future.

Person In The Mirror

In it’s simple terms the person in the mirror is you, the one who is looking at it, It is a metaphor but it does hold very true to most any situation, as the one person who needs to make the change is that person right there the one who is looking back at you.

The Main Question is he/she;

Because really that Person in the Mirror is the only one who will know, who will be aware of getting things done and to make progress or to choose the Mono Chromatic way of the Media Puppets

Change We Need

To change from a Car Centered Community to an Alternative Transportation explorer who is taking the time to improve their health by simply taking a walk or riding a bike, the Change We Need is one from Inactivity to Activity and no longer a result of to much convenience.

Of Approaching things in a way that seems to relate it should only be convenience, but instead to understand even if it takes more time To Walk or To Ride it becomes worth it, and the Long Term reward is better health and life in a Better Environment by decreasing Carbon Footprint simply by taking less trips by car and more by foot or bike.

Simple Consumer

At it’s most basic level being a simple consumer is where most of us find ourselves in this day and age. Not because of choice that should of been made otherwise but instead as a result of the Environment We Live In as well as our own Sphere Of Influence which is usually consistent of friends and associates.

Being a simple consumer means to just exist, to not do anything about your life to live in a Black And White world with Mono Chromatic views. It means to just do what we have always done as it always will result the same. A simple consumer is also often an Impulse Buyer with Short Term ideas, because they do not have to think to much they just follow along, Media Puppets could also be an accurate representation, as Short Term the only thing a person would know is what is right in front of them at that time.

Understand the Situation

Personally as a means to an end to understand your own situation, means to reach that Consensus with Person In The Mirror but it also means you need to take an HonestLook at yourself, like it or not and analyze how you are in the HereAndNow because the transition from Short Term Simple Consumer to Long Term Business Person will take that effort to Embrace Change and to FollowThrough to make the ChangeWeNeed.

The Future

The wonders of the future, instead of just living in the present, to think Long Term instead of Short Term to look at Person In The Mirror and reach the Consensus to improve who we are for a Better Future.

No one knows the future and The Past is just that, it is only The Present that we have control over, and to Redirect Thinking from Short Term Simple Consumer to Long Term Business Person.

Mono Chromatic

Lackluster and boring a world that is only tradition, that is not at all a representation of the great diversity that really this world consists of. It is also those who have this idea in their head who accurately fit the descriptions of Media Puppets and Simple Consumer‘s who are only thinking Short Term who try and tell the world there should only be the Bible and Flag to forget that they can think for themselves instead just follow along blindly even if it will take you nowhere except to your death bed.

Some may claim, who fall under this category that the Perfect World is one which there is no other color just the Black And White who never take the time to think about The Future or even put time aside to Understand the Situation never to Enjoy the Day Fully instead just existing living a ShelteredExistence even if that is not a life at all.

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