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Day After Tomorrow ~ Review & Reflection


… A movie with an underlying message? Consider the fact, that the story is about an issue in the world today, one that has long been forgotten or placed on the back burner, the mistake believing that it would go away by ignoring it. Reality tells a different story, the times of today, the damage we are doing almost daily by following to many of the same things that have done the damage.

Read More @ Helium by Raymond Marr

As it speaks on Global Warming, and the possible result of so many years of not paying attention, to continuing the selective ignorance that has become so prevalent in a media controlled society. This film also opens the eyes up to what could possibly happen if there is no change today. There may be no future tomorrow except a cold and desolate world surrounded by hundred of inches of snow and freezing temperatures, the next ice age. Is that what we really want? Or would it make better sense to take the time now to make the necessary changes so that it is less likely to reach that point, to live a more green life, a more environmentally friendly society.

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