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Scarcity Based Economy? What is that?


Society As It Should Not Be ..

A society where everything is about profit and efficiency, no matter how bad it is for those who have an interest or inclination to truly live their lives. A scarcity based society is one we have lived in for to long, don’t you think it is a good time for the necessary change to be put into motion? To truly put progress over profit, and co existence over selective existence?

To step a way from a society that is not truly free, who are instead being placed in a circumstance where slavery almost seems a necessity, as the Central Bank plays with the money, and the profiteers continually outsource and move operations off the main land. Leaving those who have worked for them for nearly their entire lives to try and survive. A freed slave still does not know how to be free … unless and until they open their eyes to the other possibilities beyond tradition, beyond self imposed limitation. There were days not so long ago when a man was a man when he lived off his land, taking care of his family and his needs while tilling the soil and putting in the hard work for the eventual reward. What happened you may wonder … well people started going for convenience over functionality, started watching television becoming Media Puppets being lead by what the corporate media would tell them. Car’s, houses, old traditions, the slow and purposeful dumbing down of society, of planting the seed of doubt, of the inability of a person to live their life. Instead to go and get a job, make someone else rich so you can have a little bit to yourself. Selfishness, inclination to laziness because everything was available at the store, so you would jump in your big car and go get what you need … even if it was only a few blocks away. Laziness and purposeful procrastination solving nothing by doing nothing. Choosing to be the Skeptic because that is what the media told you to be. To be aware of those who might offer different ideas, different views on a very different existence. The same existence that not so long ago was what had been expected. To be lead instead of lead, to follow religious zeal to direct your face upward to some being that would solve all your problems as long as you prayed, as long as you put the money you worked so hard for in the offertory plate. Then the priest’s fathers, and the like they would tell yes now you will be saved, you will go to heaven just as long as you don’t think for yourself instead let them think for you. To tell you how you are to live, to speak on how you are supposed to exist, to never think for yourself let this supernatural being take care of it for you. Just keep putting the money in the offertory plate, baptizing your kids within the chosen sect, following old traditions that have no place in a modern society.

The challenge is to make the change happen by taking steps that we each should, to step away from this false idea of life only as a slave to the corporate elite, to recognize what has long been known for many generations. I mean think about it, look at the job you have, are you happy there? Would you rather spend time at work then at home with your family? Simply because Overtime is looking good, or that one more task, that one more thing that needs to be done and then you will go home. Most would answer these questions with an absolute no, if they could step away from the fear factor of what could be if they lost that job, or lost that position. To realize that without the money they are getting paid for their sweat equity they would really have so little, but enough to make the change to start to live life again.

There are many ways to approach the escape from self imposed slavery, but admittedly it will not be easy but it is necessary. To step away from what you know start by Watching Films that help you think such as ;
Zeitgeist – Idiocracy
Religulous – Day After Tomorrow
Battle in Seattle – And Many others.

Start to reeducate yourself, in the reality of this scarcity based society, watch these films pay attention and take notes. As they speak to many of the common traps that have been placed, or techniques implemented to limit your own thought process. Things such as the Flag & Bible as the only truths, instead 1+1=2 as the real truth, a problem you solve yourself with your own mind. To step away from what is to well established, and psychologically based;

      • To stop you from thinking, from seeing the Full Color Spectrum instead of the Monochromatic verse of black and white they are presenting in an attempt to keep you as their Media Puppets blissfully unaware that your own life is worth more then the life the media says you should have.
      • To limit your thoughts by controlling what enters your mind and how it enters it by a series of steps and Sensory specific responses. To speak on how each should be only a follower, that leaders are only a select few when in actuality we each have the ability to lead.

It all begins with taking some time out during the day, taking a look in the mirror and reaching a consensus with yourself to start today, to start now in the process of change. Once the quality decision is made certainly the work truly begins, but the reward from this decision will reach far into the future. As you begin a process, an establishment of a new habit, through a different mode of thinking. This habit, will become a tradition, the kind of tradition that should be established when old and outdated traditions are no longer appropriate. As we live in a different time today, a different world, whether it is better or worse then it was in the days when these old traditions were begun. Similarly how the new views and new ideas are organized and put to action. A 21 Day Program of Self Improvement, and increasing awareness and the key to seeing more then what this media wants to present to you. In through that seeing of the Full Color Spectrum there is growth personally and environmentally through heightened cognizance.

In closing a Scarcity based economy is not a healthy one, for anyone, except for the Business Man or Power Player in the Financial Markets. As with a scarcity based ideal it is easy to get someone to work twice as hard for half the price, simply by threatening to take their job offshore. It is not the kind of society we want the future generations to deal with, instead we need to make changes now for the future should truly be a better time and place. Leaving that person, no matter how many years he/she has given to the company with nothing but the saving that they hopefully amassed. Sad to say though rarely is that the case, as to many have fallen into a trap of attempting keeping up with the Joneses. As the old saying goes, but really as it is an “Old Saying” it also relates to the same idea, that there needs to be a new saying … what would you suggest? Now is the time to begin, to make the necessary changes to make the progress we all have the ability to experience once we get passed the person in the mirror and the fear based society we live in today. As such now is the time to make the change and the reeducate yourselves and your children, to understand there is more to life then what to many have come to accept even knowing it is not how it should be.

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