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Resource Based Economy vs Scarcity Based


Resource Based

To be a society that is using what is available that are doing all they can with the resources truly available to be the people for change. Resource based is the kind of economy the The Venus Project ( speaks to. That Zeitgeist ( Movie Mentions, of a means to a better society that is no longer controlled by the need to make profit, instead as a means to improve the overall society and community based initiatives that at this time are mere blips on the corporate radar until there comes a point where people start pulling together and getting things done to redirect money and efforts to building a community based resource orientated, alternative to the scarcity based society we all know at this time point in time.

To put the fuel behind community based initiatives is an entirely different subject that warrants it’s own set of information and exploration. To go so far as to say it warrants an entire blog just on it.

As a counterpoint read through Scarcity Economy to see both sides of the story point and counter point. To understand and interpret the actual story by taking the time to read through both points of view. Each of these topics relate back to the soon to be published review on Battle In Seattle.
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