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Should teens have cell phones?


Teens and Cell Phones, should they have them, why or why not?

In today’s society, we have gone mobile in more ways then you can imagine, as such it only makes sense that teens are following suite, though they are more willing to grasp technology earlier on. The difference is a teen may or may not be ready for the responsibility of a cell phone, though they seem to want one because everyone else has one.

Certainly having a cell phone enhances communication but it also extends the ability to get into  trouble, or to communicate with someone who may not be officially authorized with less then good intentions, that may result in things that otherwise should not be. Though it should not also be the one thing that sways the decision to buy or not.

The point of the article though is to speak on the possibility of teens having cell phones and if they should or not. Now multiple articles previous to this one also speaks to the pros and cons and really there are so many it could take multiple articles just to cover them all. In the simplest terms the most apparent pro is the ability to communicate and/or track your teen with their cell phone. Not to mention the fact that the next generation is really a part of a new media idea, of a mobile society and their grasp of this technology is in line with a future of purely mobile communications. There other pro is that through the responsibility of paying any overage they become more aware of money matters, and learn how to conserve and budget the time spent.

The cons as I previously mentioned is the possibility of things going awry, when there is no supervision of text messages or calls, also the fact that not all people are inherently good and as such there needs to be awareness of those who are not of a type that are beneficial, they are of the type who take advantage of their lack of awareness. To counteract this situation from occuring, it is a matter of informing the teen before he/she has the cell phone in their hand of the inherent risks of sending or receiving text messages from people they don’t know or the many scams that have come about as more and more people adopt text messaging as a means of communication. As well as more shows similar to American Idol and others begin to grasp sms as a means for advertising income as well is when there needs to be increased awareness, because once they begin to implement it as a vehicle to profit there is no telling how far they will go, not unlike spyware and other specific problems that usually occur for careless clicking the same could go with sms. Which serves as yet another example of Consumer be Aware, step out of the selective ignorance trap, and before you give your teen there first cell phone make sure to spell out the rules, and things to be aware of with regular reminders every now and again to keep the warnings at the forefront of their mind.

In conclusion, since things are going mobile in this high paced society, by giving a teen a cell phone at least you give them a step up in the right direction, though making sure there is awareness is quite important before the first phone is ever offered, to insure there is a buyer beware idea to help your teen protect themselves and to enhance

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