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A Season Passes – And Fall Begins


It amazes me how quickly a season passes, how fast a year really is, living life day by day and before you know a new year is looming. As we come upon the Labor Day Weekend, perhaps it is forgotten that this is the official end of a season, specifically the end of Summer, the beginning of the last quarter of the year where there are so many events often time flies even faster.

With this time that passes the world is always changing, evolving growing, hopefully for the better not the worst, but that is certainly hard to say as if we the people, the inhabitants of Earth don’t start making some changes to lessen Global Warming, what kind of a world would we live in?

Though really the point of this article was not so much to speak about Global Warming although that in itself is in line with the seasons changing and the year coming to a close but only to reflect upon the circumstance as they are now, where there needs to be progress while each moment wasted is lost – so in line with that idea why not do all you can here and now to insure that each moment is made exciting simply by doing one more thing differently, redirecting energy to doing something for the environment and for you?

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