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A Stroll @ 2a – After The Rain Has Fallen


To Know YourSelf You Must See the Dark and the Light In Recognizing – That there is a deeper Self and Sometimes It Can Only be Found When you Take the time to take a stroll into the night, no matter the hour or situation. Perhaps in this evening just after the rain and in the silence much more was experienced then is admitted.

To Understand Self – Is To Explore Darkness and Freshness After a Rain.

In example as I walked with my sister on this night, the rain had just stopped falling, the temperature was nice as it often is after a rain, and the air more fresh then it ever usually is, what with so many pollutants in the air. The stuff we breathe everyday, cleansed from Mother Natures Natural Cleanser. If you ever notice just after a rain everything seems so nice, the air seems fresher and the places around are cleansed from something as simple as rain.

Perhaps you play in the puddles, or just take a walk, even if a short one, gives you a chance to think things through, as well as redirect those energies that sometimes result in more frustration, often a direct result of the associated stress from life in the day to day activities of life lived like anyone else. The short and sweet of it is, few will enjoy such an experience because they are following a traditional model, one in which work should be Monday through Friday, and for a company so you can have your house with the picket fence out front. The problem with that idea is it is very much dated, more so then it ever should be, there was a time when it may of made sense but in the world today such ideologies don’t really have a place.

Beyond that though tonights walk was a quiet one, the air was fresh though the sky was not clear, to take a walk each night can make a wonderful difference if your body is having trouble sleeping. Do you ever take late night walks – to either calm your mind or to just take some time to be in the silence?

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