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Homeless For The Holidays – Been There.


As we have been in the holiday season for a time now, since Thanksgiving has come to pass and here we are, less then a week from Christmas, and even through this supposedly joyous time, it is important to remember where I have been. The life I lived not to many holidays ago. A life few should ever have to endure, but I found it to be a hard lesson that must be learned. Reality can be a disciplined teach to say the least, the article shared below speaks more to this trying time in my life and how I overcame it to be where I am today.

My reflections on being homeless for the holidays, is the article that follows from a first person point of view starts in the simplest things I have been without a home over the holidays, I dealt with this, with survival first hand, so whether you are looking for a personal viewpoint or an informative article the hope is this could be both…

Read More @ Helium

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