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Old Ideas In A New Society


Is recovering from signing all those cards 🙂 It’s funny when you think about it, why in the world of today, still so many go and buy the cards, write thoughts and sign not considering what affect it may have …Not so much emotionally but on the environment …

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Old Ideas In A New Society with the artificial dyes, on the paper that used to be a tree, considering where it goes, from the post office to the home, only to eventually end up back in the environment, a sort of recycling. Though that is not the point at all, it is the idea that with the world today, while more and more people are becoming part of the Internets, accustomed to email, status updates all done online. No trees affected, no dyes used to be put back in the ground as they decompose because these same cards have been through the cycle, where they always end up in the same situation. Eventually discarded, certainly appreciated in the first place, the wonder of getting a card from someone you may not of heard from in so long. In a paperless society, of an environmentally aware civilization, where we would hope to be today, would it not be better to save those trees in the first place? To keep those dyes out of commonwealth, so that something as artificial as they are does not have a chance to affect this already sensitive eco system.

Why some of these old ideas, continue to exist even today, in what should be a more advanced society, of future town if you will where there is a different consciousness, of the understanding that we can either help or destroy this world we live in.To make different choices over this holiday season of 2009, to improve the future that at this point is really just around the corner in a matter of weeks already 2010 will have begun. A new opportunity to set a New Years Resolution to grasp the technology of today, to understand that more trees can be saved simply by understanding how a paperless society should be. To make a choice to change these old habits. Not to say they are so bad, but there is a point where they must be challenged don’t you think?
In the most simple terms this is a time for change long overdue, as it should be so clear from the Presidential Election, how things truly were set in motion to bring about the change we dearly need, to stop destroying this planet we live on but instead to try to make it better for the generations yet to come. Instead of taking the ideas at face value that 2012 will be the end, to say what can we do to make the years ahead much better, how can we as a whole plant seeds that will grow and become what they need to be to incite the change? How can we the people on this planet today make this a better place for the people of tomorrow?

The old idea of cards long antiquated, as more destructive than beneficial, of what is lost to make that card, to fill that paper with artificial inks and impressions so it looks pretty at first yet will still end up in the exact same place it started but instead on a living tree more as a piece of paper discarded long past its prime. No longer with any life only death and slow stagnation and decay to once more reconnect with the earth, perhaps to rise again as the ground cover of a newly rooted tree. Never to see the original glory when it was a tree itself tall and flowing in the wind, taking in the sun and making friends with the animals that rely on it, for food and for shelter an amazing interdependence.

That glory that will fade away once the wood saw begins to cut, and slowly weakening as deeper and deeper the blade goes a slow death, only to be put on a conveyor belt and cut to smaller pieces, with no regard for waste or of those same sentient beings, the animals it once knew, of the ground that nourished and fed it as deeper and deeper the roots went. To be severed from what gave it life, to make piles of these cards, their artificial ink discoloring what was once natural and golden. Being crushed and smashed made to smaller pieces to be put together in a card 4 1/4 inches of many trees being crushed and destroyed. All with similar backgrounds and only distant memories of what it was once like to be alive and to be depended upon, and provided for in a perfect cycle of natural life and natural death.
Instead what was once a tree, or multiple trees, just becomes one of the millions of cards on shelfs all across the land and in any number of stores. That people buy offer their thoughts, send em off, for them to only be appreciated for a moment whereby after the season, the holiday, the birthday they are thrown away like any other thing, long dead, their memories long forgotten now only a piece a paper at a dump site, no longer a tree, no longer a living, existing natural wonder. Simply one more piece of paper to be burnt to stoke a fire or to be sat on, thrown away, nothing but death, alone and by itself no longer an animal to make friends with, no longer the ground beneath where the roots can grow deep as they choose. No longer waving in the wind or feeling the sun instead alone in a pile somewhere just waiting to fade away for the last time.

You see the point is, there is more to consider when you receive those cards, yes they look pretty artificial as they are often within them a person shared their thoughts, of a warm statement or a heartfelt idea, in by their own hand written. They are a piece of the people, they are a part of someone who knows you, who relates with you. Yet it is only seen as yet another card in the endless stream of cards that travel from hand to hand through the holidays, special events. Nice for the moment but afterwards only trash a mere shadow of the once great tree that waved in the wind, that had many friends who also knew it once as the tree it was. To have only a moment where there is appreciation, afterwards an eventual loss and a new place in a large pile of trash of peoples ideas, of whole forests that were lost to just make these millions of cards.

Instead consider we live in an interconnected world, where paper is no longer a necessity but an option, as there are electric mediums, that travel more quickly, that can reach a person no matter where they are in the world in a matter of seconds. Why not let that tree live another year, instead of support the cutting down of trees for this artificial piece of paper with its false dyes and design modification for aesthetics. It is not necessary to support that industry in this day and age so why do we still? Possibly because there is not been someone who educated us any other way, who spoke eloquently of the alternatives, of Bicycling Instead of Driving A Car, of Electric Mediums instead of Paper made from trees that contribute to deforestation. To find a person, a guru, if you will who wants you to be more aware of how something as simple as that can affect the environment we live in.  I make no claim to be a guru, but what I do know is that every little bit helps and any singular thing we as people can do to help the world we live in all the more power to it.

Consider these ideas, read this through, the saying goes “You should always walk a mile in someone else’s shoes …” so why not consider how it affects the tree? How that singular tree has a purpose to help there be the balance we so desperately need in today’s world. Instead of only seeing it as paper read through how it was made, to understand the roots of what paper actually is. Take some time to look at these new electric mediums to see how you can reduce the paper you use. Recognize there is other ways then to destroy one more tree.

In closing I wish you the Happiest of Holidays, as 2009 comes to a close and 2010 begins, why not make the conscious decision now to start looking at alternatives, to open up your mind to other ways of doing things then rehashing the same old ideas. We are in a different world now, and it is about time, everyone, myself included, needs to reevaluate, how things can be done in this new year to begin the process of the changes we need to make this world a better place for the generations yet to be born.


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