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HootSuite | WordPress Integration | 1st Entry


Taking some time now to try the new WordPress Integration with, to see how it goes is to ponder what is next and what shall be in the not to distant future. To wonder what is next and how to approach it is a starting point, whereby growth becomes a constant and progress a regular thing.

That is as long as you make a quality decision to grow beyond your own preset limitations, which are only there because you made a choice to do just that, to not move forward you limited your vision and forgot about the future being to concerned about the past. Certainly we can only do something about the present but regardless, to experience the future, there needs to be change, to make quality choices to make the progress we all should be making.

Hootsuite has taken some first steps in unifying the world of and the world of Social Media as spoke about on that link. There is much to be said about social media and hootsuite is only one part of a bigger picture. It is good they have taken these first steps in taking integration to the next level, to truly be able to use whatever twitter client you choose as your fully enabled dashboard seems to be the strategy with this angle. As such in my opinion – this speaks all the more to the changes that are occurring each day. Many of which are an improvement over past experiences. What do you think? In fact what twitter app do you use?

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