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The Temptations – Movie Review


For a group that put together such classic hits as My Girl, and I wish it would rain, along with countless others, their story played out to be a sad one of growing from only a simple neighborhood band to an International Sensation, this movie tells the story from one standpoint, up to their final performances in the reunion tour.

Of a journey of men fragmented except when they were a whole on that stage, keeping it consistent up until the last and final time they came together through Motown Records.

This documentary speaks about their journey from beginning to end of suicide, drugs and drinking, two of which later resulted in their death. Along with an illness, osteoporosis that eventually removed the use of another primary singer of the temptations.

Truly a spectacular film that did not sugarcoat the facts and the inevitable challenges of such an amazing journey from simply neighborhood singers to later become an internationally known group who went so far even through some of the areas of the south where hatred was still consistent against the black man.

Overall the movie presents the story in a unique way, working through the stages from the start to the not so happy end. As such I recommend it as a medium to understand the wonders of this group – The Temptations.

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