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Battle in Seattle

Battle in Seattle

06.08.2009 21:03 Reviewed and Reflected Upon.

It is remarkable to realize how powerful a movie can be, one that is based on actual results even more so. Such as the Battle in Seattle of itself was a powerful film, however modified and updated to present what they directors were looking for so though it was based on actual events it could of been modified. Regardless though it really touches on things that would otherwise not be known by the public if no one watched it or if it was never created. Except for those who were there when it went down just like it did there in Seattle when the WTO tried to make a move into Seattle Washington, as a busy port and a hub of commerce.

Fortunately it was brought to the forefront for the world to see and to understand that such things affect the world on every level, as an organization such as World Trade Organization (WTO) has far reaches around the world as for to long no one has really stood at the forefront doing all they can to make a difference to delay this progress of an organization that makes one claim but truly turns out to be something completely separate then what it is claimed to be.

Now my objective is not to give away the entire movie, but at the very least offer some observations of what was offered in it’s entirety as I only recently saw this film. I knew nothing of it before until I was referred to it by a friend who understands the importance of being aware of what tends to go on around the world. As admitted or not these things affect all of us in one way or another. However you interpret it, the content in itself reaches as far as the World Trade Organization has tried to reach with it’s profit based initiatives and procedures. It affects all of us and that is why it is so important to take the time to watch this film as well. There has been change with President Barack Obama in office, yet still the W.T.O exists, which in time the hope is it will no longer be as powerful as it is now.

To get to it this movie really made things clear about the riots of 1999, about what started as a peaceful protest became one of violence of a spectacle feeding the media with as many stories of violence and hatred to tell a news story. The message was not lost as the movie progressed as the main characters continue to evolve into the situation they find themselves in, in limbo between doing what needs to be done and being forced to do what is not chosen. In example when they find themselves in jail, because they were arrested for exercising their constitutional rights, and then told they do not have the same options as any other criminal in there. Not being able to use the phone, not being able to exercise all the most basic rights, all because they pulled together and wanted to make a change to stop the World Trade Organizations’ destruction of the things they believed in. To delay this profit based society by doing all they can to revert to times before when it was not about profit. More about conservation and clean change to improve the environment and the world our children’s children will know as their world.

On one side there is those who want to conserve the environment by doing all they can to stop that which is destroying it, environmentalists, believers in non-violent protests, those who enjoy the world for what it is without modification in it’s most natural form. These are the people who want to enhance the environment not destroy it. Those who make it their objective in life to be means to change by organizing and doing what ever is needed to make the true progress in direct relation to Resource Based ( civilization which is the humankind of the future, a society that is actually for progress not digression because profit is more important.

While on the other they have the power players, they have the Police and the Military following suit to continue the world domination, to bring down the conditions, and the objectives of insuring fair treatment of insuring equal responsibility , instead focusing purely on profit based motives and ideas to work with the business man to put more paper in his pocket while detracting from those who are just trying to exist, just trying to live day by day with a job and the house and the kids or what have you. So really it goes beyond just the W.T.O it speaks to global issues to long put on the back burner, conveniently forgotten and never solved. As long as there is the green falling in the pockets, for the better or the worse. It is certainly a sad truth, believe it or not there is to much of this still happening even today and still there is battles around the world to stop this Organization from forcing false ideas down our throats, in making claim for a better society, not for you or me but for those who are making the green, those of the Corporate Power Players that is so prevalent in this Scarcity Based Economy ( society.

This movie presents the side that matters more then the one that does not, that is the side that wants the necessary change, wants to live in a better society and a better world by saving what matters by insuring that which is natural stays that way. To insure the natural eco system that really we all depend on remains solid and continuous to insure the proper balance of today’s world. The World Trade Organization is purely about profit and to do their part this groupe protests it, the movie proceeds through the whole process with some of the more gory things that do officially occur in a protest are highlighted. There is a point where a pregnant woman who is just trying to get home, is hit and her baby dies because of it. An Officer using “Crowd Disbursement” techniques pays no attention just hits anyone in range. This becomes a major turning point in the film, with the eventual result, you should see for yourself.

Overall this was a good movie, and it brought to light some of the things that have occured when people implemented there own human rights, with constitutional backing to protest peacefully in stopping what is like a virus coming in and deregulating the things that matter the WTO trying to make the world completely profit based, many have made an effort to stop it and it is failing yet that does not stop it from being constantly attempted no matter how many times it has failed. So I would give it 10/10 as it brings to light what otherwise would not be seen unless people do what they have a constitutional right to do, peaceful protest on an attempted hostile takeover of the world economy.

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