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Last of The Dog Men

The Last of the Dogmen

A modern Western – With Ideas for Thought

To review the Lost of the Dogmen is my objective here even though it is an older movie it is worth a review and association, with anything that is of particular interest. (Filmed at: Banf & Yoho National Park ~ Alberta, Canada)

To start this is certainly a modern western, but it also remarks to what could be in the places less known a culture once thought to be eradicated continues to exist in there own natural state as truly they should be and continue to be from this point forward. Yet throughout the film in more then a few scenes there is the awareness of a modern world, such as the scene when a plane flies overhead, even though he is deep in the Mountains of the Ox Bow it is seen just above. As a reminder it is a modern world but even though it is they are able to exist in the way they have always been. In that there is a deeper truth, that even though today we do live in a modern world it does not mean that all ancient citizens must live as anyone else, at the very least you would hope that a ancient civilization can reside peacefully in the world without being disturbed or bothered. As they should of always been able to instead of being eradicated or merged with today’s society.

If only there was the same awareness when this America was first founded things may of been different, though I have gone off on a bit of a tangent, as the objective of this article is a review of The Last of the Dog Men at least the version that I am watching. Though it also relates to those facts that the Native Americans as they are called now should never of been disturbed in the first place and yet without it what type of world we live in today? It is a sad but true story what is done is done, but to see at least one tribe still survive even if in a theater at the very least, proves there should be hope, that it should never really be given up on. For the best and the worst people things often do turn about.

To review this movie I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the bit of merging of modern society with an ancient society it proves the simple point that there should be no Dominant Society that speaks on only one way of living, in this day and age the hope is with so much interconnection, that there would also be a result of better awareness of diverse cultures, perhaps in time. Those this movie by it’s very design was pulling together Modern Day Society – with Ancient Society, presenting the only way to do such a thing is to be separate from the Main Area. To be your own country if you will, in order to make the necessary progress to expand reach and to continue to teach this next generation of the old way’s, the things as they have been done for many years. Instead of being forced to forget the history, to be told you must be like everyone else even if that is not really you at all. In that sense it almost seems in part that the movie promotes segregation instead of integration. Not integration of removal of who they are but instead integration of their cultural ideas and views merged and ideas also added into the mix, to truly make a society that is more internationally aware and accepting as part of a whole not the only whole.

This movie really got me thinking and helped me remember some of the things that had occurred so long ago, and for that I am appreciative, and why I chose to share this with you, the reader. To also help you remember what has occurred and the steps that should be taken to make the necessary change right here and now. Watching this movie will also give you an opportunity to rethink the challenges you have faced and to start recognizing that we should be an international society, a melting pot seems to harsh but in actuality what society should be is one which accepts all parts of it as a contributing factor of the diversity we see today.

So to rate such a film I would give it 10/10 because it did what it needed to do, the addition of the narrator enhanced the story, and the two types of society still residing under the same blue sky were able to coexist in their own separate spaces. Perhaps one day there will be an improvement where we all can grow united versus separated, so that we can each learn from the other. Two Cultures, can they co exist?

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