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Cell Phones – Keeping Society Connected,


In a new time and a different type of world where life is on turbo, and no matter where you are or what you are doing … the ability to connect at anytime no matter where you are becomes a fact of life then yes they keep you more connected.

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Keeping us more connected is what cell phones do best, as such and through that understanding the choice is clear enough, the world is more connected then it has ever been and the trend will continue. As time progresses more and more of our life sets a prerequisite to have a cell phone. What are your views? Share them in the comments down below.


Volunteering Time For The Holidays


Holidays 2009 – What Can We Do?

With Christmas Just around the Corner – We begin to wonder, how can we help those less fortunate then ourselves? How can we make a difference so someone can find better memories of this particular Christmas then everyone before? It does not need to be monetary, it just needs to be from the heart. With those less fortunate on this Holiday Season, the Volunteers that offer their services, to help one more person enjoy this holiday, to help one person find a better memory of Christmas 2009, so that he can look back and be appreciative of what has been offered by the person who helps out in a Soup Kitchen. To offer a present to a person who may not of had a chance to experience that because they were dealt some harsh cards. Volunteering, paying forward these are just a few of the things we as people can do for those sentient beings who reside with us. The Article spoke about below speaks on being a volunteer and how much difference it can make. This is a season of smiles for some but sadness for others unless we each take the time to help those who are less fortunate. Agreed?

To volunteer, your time, your ability to something held near and dear to your heart can be a wonderfully rewarding experience don’t you think? To offer your effort without expected monetary return is a wonderful thing. Don’t you Agree?

To Volunteer your time has diverse benefits for yourself and the company, or cause you are working for. The wonderful thing is you made a conscious decision to volunteer. In volunteering, you gained a new level of awareness, the wisdom that would bring courage.

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Poverty In Brazil – Problems & Solutions


…poverty in Brazil, specifically the tremendous inequality between the rich and the poor of the area. As it becomes apparent by exploring the various favelas, or slums in the countries main area and remote regions who suffer from economic underdevelopment and a very low standards of living.

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Find Your Friends On Facebook


How powerful is Facebook – to reconnect with lost friends or colleagues? As the top social site according to 2009 numbers, does such a behemoth of a company also insure that the interface is intuitive enough to also make it easy to find the people you seek? Certainly Facebook would like you to think so and I am inclined to agree.

As even when growth was happening there was constant improvements and enhancements, as they topped 10 million, then 20 million and so on, they begin to better organize the design of their website, when they were reaching 100 million they had a system that seemed quite effective at helping other people find lost friends and colleagues.

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A Stroll @ 2a – After The Rain Has Fallen


To Know YourSelf You Must See the Dark and the Light In Recognizing – That there is a deeper Self and Sometimes It Can Only be Found When you Take the time to take a stroll into the night, no matter the hour or situation. Perhaps in this evening just after the rain and in the silence much more was experienced then is admitted.

To Understand Self – Is To Explore Darkness and Freshness After a Rain.

In example as I walked with my sister on this night, the rain had just stopped falling, the temperature was nice as it often is after a rain, and the air more fresh then it ever usually is, what with so many pollutants in the air. The stuff we breathe everyday, cleansed from Mother Natures Natural Cleanser. If you ever notice just after a rain everything seems so nice, the air seems fresher and the places around are cleansed from something as simple as rain.

Perhaps you play in the puddles, or just take a walk, even if a short one, gives you a chance to think things through, as well as redirect those energies that sometimes result in more frustration, often a direct result of the associated stress from life in the day to day activities of life lived like anyone else. The short and sweet of it is, few will enjoy such an experience because they are following a traditional model, one in which work should be Monday through Friday, and for a company so you can have your house with the picket fence out front. The problem with that idea is it is very much dated, more so then it ever should be, there was a time when it may of made sense but in the world today such ideologies don’t really have a place.

Beyond that though tonights walk was a quiet one, the air was fresh though the sky was not clear, to take a walk each night can make a wonderful difference if your body is having trouble sleeping. Do you ever take late night walks – to either calm your mind or to just take some time to be in the silence?

A simple Walk – Lots of Sights.


The Visual Uniqueness - Seen through the Lens

A walk today initially, with my sister, only to travel from here to Toys R Us for my niece and nephew, after a stopover at Target as we checked up on our little brother, who works there now. You would think it would be like any other walk, as many as we have walked before but for some reason today, this day was very different.

Initially it seemed like any other on the way up at least, we saw all the same sights we always see as the shopping centers and malls are right here and we have walked to them many times, as it has the dual benefit of getting some exercise and breathing some fresh air. Not to mention every bit of human power used means one last vehicle is on the road when a person walks that is a good first step, in a different direction. The sights never really change, but today for some reason there was considerable change, differences not seen previously.

What was Seen At The Mall - Hummer Military Spec.

Hummer - Mil Spec Version

To start as we were leaving the main mall, and stepped outside onto the sidewalk we have been on before, the first thing that was noticed was a total of three Police Vehicles, two cars and one truck, all parked on the side of the road as we headed towards Rite Aid at the end of the shopping center. As we neared that area another sight not seen on a regular day taking a regular walk, there was a total of about nine military vehicles, official hummers not the versions that are being sold to the basic consumer but true HMMWVs, with trailers and fully uniformed officers throughout some male and another female. I did not notice, until they were leaving that one of them was actually towing another Hummer on the back.

Secondly we also saw a heavy fire engine, maybe not so different then any other day. The different this was a heavy engine, something that is more specific to heavier duty fire issues, and it was cruising through the parking lot, making it quite interesting to see this massive engine pass through, a shopping center that has not usually seen alot of  activity like that fortunately for the Citizens of Salinas, and the surrounding Monterey County. So in a sense it also brought to light all the work that has been done in these last months with the fires in Santa Cruz County and Los Angeles County where two of their fellow firefighters were killed, which is also why throughout town flags have been flown at half mast at the surrounding stations.

To say the very least maybe it was not that spectacular but in my eyes it was a day of activity of sights not often seen in that walk day by day, so certainly it was a unique Saturday, what more excitement will be found on Sunday? For that matter how was your Saturday?

A Season Passes – And Fall Begins


It amazes me how quickly a season passes, how fast a year really is, living life day by day and before you know a new year is looming. As we come upon the Labor Day Weekend, perhaps it is forgotten that this is the official end of a season, specifically the end of Summer, the beginning of the last quarter of the year where there are so many events often time flies even faster.

With this time that passes the world is always changing, evolving growing, hopefully for the better not the worst, but that is certainly hard to say as if we the people, the inhabitants of Earth don’t start making some changes to lessen Global Warming, what kind of a world would we live in?

Though really the point of this article was not so much to speak about Global Warming although that in itself is in line with the seasons changing and the year coming to a close but only to reflect upon the circumstance as they are now, where there needs to be progress while each moment wasted is lost – so in line with that idea why not do all you can here and now to insure that each moment is made exciting simply by doing one more thing differently, redirecting energy to doing something for the environment and for you?